Cut sugar and starve cancer

We hear about the dangers and devastation of cancer almost on a daily basis in the news… and so much money is raised and pumped into researchers into finding a cure for this terrible disease. And yet, sometimes the solution to fighting a disease is right under our noses and in the case of cancer, half the battle can be won if you simply cut all forms of sugar from your diet.

Okay, that may sound too simple a solution, and of course I don’t mean to suggest avoiding the sweet stuff will put the brakes on cancer entirely. But it certainly will help a lot in the fight against cancer.

A team of US researchers looked at the data of 33 different types of cancer from more than 11,000 patients. The common link that they found was that amounts of glucose (or blood sugar) were particularly high in certain types of cancers. And one of these that stood out was squamous cell carcinoma, which showed much higher glucose levels than many of the other cancers studied by the researchers.

Squamous cancer cell makes up as much as 30 per cent of all cases of the deadliest form of cancer there is: lung cancer. Other types of squamous cell cancer that feed off of glucose include head and neck, esophageal, and cervical.

In another study, researchers lowered the glucose levels of mice with squamous cell and saw that a reduction in glucose levels literally starved cancer!

We already know that eating too much sugar can expand your waistline fast, wreak havoc on your blood sugar levels and set you on the path of developing diabetes – putting you at risk of heart disease and a host of other health conditions you don’t want any part of.

These are all very good reasons to avoid sugar at all costs… and this even more important when it comes to cancer because there may be a cancerous cell or two lurking around your body looking for food… and when you have high sugar levels the cancer will feed on it… and grow.

So starve those cancer cell by following a no-carb, no-sugar approach to eating and instead focus on fresh foods including lean meat, fish, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and healthy oils.

But be careful of fruit. Even though they contain “natural” sugar, it still is sugar – so, as with any treat, moderation is best.

To a healthier life,

Thomas Smith