About Us

The Healthier Life is the UK’s first ‘Pro-Age’ health website, focusing on celebrating your age, wearing it proudly and really enjoying your golden years. It’s about empowering you to tap into the hidden potential of your health.

That doesn’t mean that we simply pretend that health challenges don’t exist as we age (or at any age for that matter). It just means that we don’t blindly accept these challenges as an inevitable fate of the ageing process.

So we dig deep to uncover the latest scientifically-backed approaches and solutions to some of the biggest age-related health concerns that we all have, like keeping a healthy appearance, strengthening our muscles and joints, and maintaining a memory sharp as a needle.

We share these breakthrough discoveries and often forgotten truths with you in a simple to understand and actionable format in the form of our free e-letter the eHealth Insider and premium members monthly newsletter, The Healthier Life.

For our premium members newsletter, The Healthier Life, we’ve gathered a panel of health experts including doctors, medical experts, nutritionists and physiotherapists who will provide you with valuable insights, actionable advice and information to help you work alongside your doctor and other healthcare specialists to achieve longevity, superb health, an improved sex life, weight loss, more energy and a real zest for life.

To put it simply, their aim (as much as ours) is to help you ‘age younger’.

So if your goal is to live a long, happy and healthier life at any age, then you’re definitely in good company!

To a healthier life,

Thomas Smith